Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Year ago today...

At this time last year, 
I was on the 405 freeway filling with nervousness and excitement, my head was spinning with every thought I could think, my stomach twisting in knots. I remember pulling into LAX and following the "international flights" signs which felt so surreal to me. I got out of the car, said good bye to my friend, grabbed my bags and set off into the airport for my first trip overseas. My friend, Robin had just flown in from New Zealand, then was getting back on the plane where Id meet him and we'd continue on to 
jolly ol' England!
I sat at the gate for a couple hours, still unable to fully grasp that it was all really happening. When we finally started boarding, I walked down the hall and saw my plane for the first time. It was the biggest plane Id ever been on *cue nervousness* 
I snapped a picture on my phone, sent it out to just about everyone I knew and then turned my phone 
off for the next 10 days. 

I sat in my seat waiting and watching for Robin to board because my paranoid self kept trying convincing me that I was on the wrong plane and Id end up in England alone. You can imagine the relief I felt when I finally saw him board.
at 4pm on this date last year, I officially set off on my first real vacation and began the best time of my life thus far!

I know it may seem a bit silly that Im documenting this vacation as if it were the time I crossed the holy desert where no man has stepped foot before. But to me, it was equally exciting.
I had always had dreams of traveling to England but Id never actually get there. Id miss the plane, or couldnt find my gate, or the plane would never land. Until about a month before my trip, I was convinced Id never actually travel there, or anywhere overseas for that matter. About a month before my trip, I finally had a dream that I made the plane, found the gate, and landed in London! That's when I knew I was supposed to go to England with Robin and booked my ticket.
I can't say how happy I am that I listened to my instinct and went on that trip. I had so much fun, saw so many things, met so many wonderful people, and not a day has gone by in the past year that I dont think about it and miss it terribly.
Robin is from England. He was going back to surprise his "mum" and dad for Christmas... and was kind enough to let me tag along. I had places to stay and met all his wonderful friends and his family. Everyone was so hospitable and great to me and made for excellent hosts and tour guides!
We stayed in London for 4 days then made our way to the North. I saw Cambridge, Leeds, York, and Manchester. I rode trains, saw snow, ate more meat than I've ever eaten in my life, drank tea and wine and a whole lot of beer! It was (to use a word from over there) lovely!
So to remember today for what it is to me, Im sharing some photos from the trip of my lifetime.
Some have been posted before, some not. They are a mix of photos from my little Canon Powershot digi cam and from my "real" camera.

the best homemade bangers and mash! I seriously miss cozying up on Paul and Hellen's couch, eating cheese, drinking tea... sigh

I dont care what people say, I loved the food! particularly bangers and mash as you can see...

Although I'll be at work today, a far less enjoyable thing to be doing, I'll be picturing myself prancing around London, Leeds, York, and Manchester like I did a year ago
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