Friday, April 15, 2011

"NICE" bike

I'm finally working on a photo shoot I did a few months back in Venice Beach and I stumbled across these.
I'll never get sick of seeing or photographing the "VENICE" light-up letters that string over Windward and Pacific.  
Always so pretty.
And of course, in Venice Beach you can never be too surprised to see oddities, but this bike was in the window of a shop and it caught my eye. I had to pop in and snap a couple shots.
If Fred Flinstone lived in Venice, I'm sure he'd ride this down the beach:

yabba dabba do!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, as Ive mentioned, I have been in a bit of a rut with my photography career lately and I have been digging deep to try to yank myself out of it. After a long time of no photo taking or editing or anything, I think I have finally found what it takes to snap myself out of this "photo hiatus funk" and I have to say, I am feeling pretty excited about it!

Thanks to some good Googling, I stumbled upon these fantastic images. While I am sad to say they are not my pieces of work (jealousy, I admit), they are beautiful and spoke to me and I have to share them.

I guess it's easy to tell that I have a "thing" for deer. There is something so beautiful, peaceful, and fantastical about them. They are simple creatures but have been the most inspirational thing for me thus far.

So here are the images I found that are bringing me back to photo-land.
Thank you Google Image,
these are all very "dear to my art":

This last one I like to think is of me ; )

So anyway, stay tuned. I am formulating the plans for my much needed "get back into it" photo shoot as we speak.


My Sweet Aunt: a new journey begins...

This is not a post of my photos, but an important post nonetheless.
Yesterday the world lost one of it's most beautiful and amazing creatures; my sweet Aunt, Elyse. 
After a long battle with breast cancer, her body shut down and she is finally at peace. 
I know that at times like these, people always look back and say "he/she was the nicest person", but in this case, it really is true. My aunt was thee nicest person. It is hard to actually find the words that would accurately describe her niceness. Magical, saintly, and goddess-like are a few that come to mind. She was so kind and gentle and full of love for all of Earth's creatures. She was a real-life Snow White, in tune with all of nature and such a happy and sweet being. 
She was spiritual and radiated good vibes and love to everyone she met. You could not be in the same room with her and feel anger or negativity. She truly lightened up the room.
She was still young; mother of my 15 year-old cousin and beloved wife and true love of my uncle for over 25 years.
 We were all so blessed to have her as a part of our family for all that time.
And though it's hard to not feel sadness and shed tears over her passing, she did not want that. 
She wanted us to rejoice and celebrate. For, while her body will no longer walk among us, she is not finished wandering. Her soul is now free and she is in a better, more beautiful place, dancing on clouds, walking with other angels, smiling down on us. She is now beginning a new journey in a new world where she can spread her amazing spirit upon all new adventures.
Aunt Elyse, your beauty and strength, courage and love will forever be remembered. We will look forward to recalling all of the lovely memories you've blessed us with over the years and smiling at the thought of you.
I for one will never hear any version of this song without thinking of you and your happy face the time you sang it at Aunt Caroline's. 
Enjoy every minute of your new journey. The angels are so lucky to have you join them at last.
we all love you so much.


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