Monday, May 23, 2011

Michelle's Boudoir

Several months ago, 
a friend of mine, Michelle, contacted me about taking some sexy photos for her husband-to-be as a surprise wedding gift (i know, pretty groovy gift, eh?). Of course I was like Hells Yea!
and a couple weeks ago, we finally got the ball rollin' and shot this hot boudoir session!
We both had so much fun. Michelle is such a picture-perfect model (sorry guys, she's officially off the market) and it was exactly what I needed to end my photography hiatus!
Michelle and Ed, her british beau, tied the knot this past Friday (congrats you two love birds!) and Ed was oh-so happy with his sexy surprise gift!
 I have to say, I am pretty damn happy with these too!
Here is "Michelle's Boudoir":

my two absolute favorite shots:

so gorgeous!

and just to show a little glimpse of her funny-girl charm,
 I couldn't resist adding this hilarious "blooper" shot:

I think we can all agree, Ed is one lucky Limey!
Cheers you two!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! Michelle these are amazing! If I wasn't already married and well, if I was into girls... ;-) xoxo

    -Melissa C.

  2. Beautiful Kiersten. Love the apron ones!


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