Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh what????

Yesterday I was celebrating a friend's birthday and by the request of him, stopped into Barnes and Noble. As usual, I bee-lined for the magazine section and, as I always do when I go there, went straight for the wedding mags. I grabbed a copy of C Weddings Magazine and flipped it open to a random page only to find...
 a photo I shot! 
It is an article about the very chic and talented ladies of Bash, Please and it features a photo I shot of Zooey Deschanel's place setting at her sister, Emily Deschanel's wedding. 
The wedding was stylish and stunning and planned by (guess who?) Kelly and Paige of Bash, Please. I was lucky enough to see it first hand, as I second shot it for Feather Love Photography.
I had no idea this article existed so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it!
I am one giddy girl!

You can also see the Bash, Please post of this feature here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elena's Boudoir/baby bump session

A few months back, I flew up to San Francisco to take some belly shots -no, not like that my dear party people- shots of Elena's baby belly. It was my first maternity shoot and I didnt realize until I started to work on them that I took over 400 photos! YIKES! We shot in several different locations, this is the "boudoir bit". About 24 hours after our shoot, I went back home and found out Miss Maya Luna was born! I guess our shoot was just too exciting to stay in the womb. : )
So needless to say, our shoot was just in the knick of time and there will be another post with the photos from our other locations. For now, here is Elena's boudoir and I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't be happier with them:

Bianca, aka big sister, added that extra bit of preciousness to our photos. She's a natural:

stay tuned for more from our belly shoot!
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