Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh what????

Yesterday I was celebrating a friend's birthday and by the request of him, stopped into Barnes and Noble. As usual, I bee-lined for the magazine section and, as I always do when I go there, went straight for the wedding mags. I grabbed a copy of C Weddings Magazine and flipped it open to a random page only to find...
 a photo I shot! 
It is an article about the very chic and talented ladies of Bash, Please and it features a photo I shot of Zooey Deschanel's place setting at her sister, Emily Deschanel's wedding. 
The wedding was stylish and stunning and planned by (guess who?) Kelly and Paige of Bash, Please. I was lucky enough to see it first hand, as I second shot it for Feather Love Photography.
I had no idea this article existed so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it!
I am one giddy girl!

You can also see the Bash, Please post of this feature here.


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