About Me

Hello and welcome to my little photography blog.
This is where I'm supposed to tell you a little bit about me...
Well now let me see
My name is Kierstin and I love photos.
I also love doggies, Mexican food, chick flicks, Christmas, good music, I Love Lucy, carbs, and Disneyland.
I love weddings and I love photographing them. My goal is to capture your big day in a "different" and unique way.
I specialize in making your photos more than just pictures to post, but pieces of art for you to frame and remember your beautiful moments by.
My style? 
Well, I love vintage colors, natural light, candid moments, imperfections, odd angles, funny faces, and cool places.
Sultry shadows, plays on focus, feet and shoes, open-mouth smiles,  raw emotion, awesome dresses, and true-love kisses.
Every one of you has a story; 
I want to tell it through photos. 

I'm sure there's more about me to tell but I'll have to come back to that at a later date... 
For now, that's me in a nutshell and this is me in a mirror:

thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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