Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, as Ive mentioned, I have been in a bit of a rut with my photography career lately and I have been digging deep to try to yank myself out of it. After a long time of no photo taking or editing or anything, I think I have finally found what it takes to snap myself out of this "photo hiatus funk" and I have to say, I am feeling pretty excited about it!

Thanks to some good Googling, I stumbled upon these fantastic images. While I am sad to say they are not my pieces of work (jealousy, I admit), they are beautiful and spoke to me and I have to share them.

I guess it's easy to tell that I have a "thing" for deer. There is something so beautiful, peaceful, and fantastical about them. They are simple creatures but have been the most inspirational thing for me thus far.

So here are the images I found that are bringing me back to photo-land.
Thank you Google Image,
these are all very "dear to my art":

This last one I like to think is of me ; )

So anyway, stay tuned. I am formulating the plans for my much needed "get back into it" photo shoot as we speak.


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