Sunday, July 4, 2010

About 2 and a half hours of Summer

I'm sure a good portion of you have seen the movie, 500 Days Of Summer. Well, I decided check out that romantic area where Tom and Summer sat on that bench and admired the inspiring view of architectural splendor...

yup, that's the scene. 
So, my photographer friend, Mat and I set off to find it. When we did alas arrive, it was not quite as "romantic" as the movie made it out to be -ahh the magic of Hollywood. A few sleeping homeless men, a few hyper children, an overly affectionate young couple (the ones I named "Jane and Chris" in the previous post), a group of young teens who were no doubt bored and decided to check out the movie spot for themselves. 
But hey, despite the lack of movie magic, mat and I found the inspiration and had a great couple of hours with our cameras, shooting our little hearts out. Here are shots from my 2 1/2 hours of summer:

for those of you who have seen the movie...
hey, I had to.

Now, though this may seem like quite enough pictures, I'm fairly certain that I left out a few worth sharing, so be ready for 2 1/2 hours of summer part 2!
and also, some of Mat's photos from this day downtown.

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  1. This is definitely my favorite shoot you've done!


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