Sunday, July 1, 2012

Corey & Natalie's engagement (part two)

You may remember Natalie and Corey from this post of their engagement session, part one. 
We shot those a long time ago and yes, they look lovely, but I just felt like it wasn't "them". I saw Natalie and Corey as a stylish retro housewife and hubby couple. Well, at least for their photo session.
Though they both said that wasn't their style, after a bit of arm twisting, I got them to agree to do let me style their shoot as I pictured it in my head and I think you'll agree that they OWN this style!
We used my uncle's gorgeous Hollywood Hills home which suited the shoot perfectly. Natalie wore some of my clothes and some of her own, our friend (and my new partner in crime) Kaycee did their hair and makeup, we threw on the James Brown Pandora station (which if you haven't ever, do so now!), poured some drinks, and magic was made! I don't think I have ever been so in love with photos as I am with these.

Stone Fox by James Brown on Grooveshark
So, without further ado, here is Natalie and Corey's engagement session, part two!!
After shooting it, I realized this next one looked a little creepy, but I still think it's too cool of a shot not to post 
Natalie made her floral headpiece herself... gorgeous!
A HUGE thanks to Natalie and Corey for being such great sports and letting me do this shoot, to my awesome uncle for letting us have free range of his stunning house, and to Kaycee Tashjian who did hair and makeup, and who is my new second shooter!! We all made an amazing team!
Here are a couple "behind the scenes" Kaycee snapped of me during the shoot:

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